Careerfoundry is an online school whose goal is to bring diversity to the tech world and to be accessible to as many people as possible. They are a global community of over 800 educational experts, career specialists, mentors, and tutors—united in the belief that, given the right tools, anyone can develop the skills they need to build a career they love.

Explainer ad
I have created an advertisement that highlights the double mentorship program. The student has access to a mentor and a tutor to be supported in their career change. The aim was to create an ad that was friendly and spoke to the audience.
German employment agency partnership campaign
Their boot camps can be supported by the German employment agency. I created this series of performance ads to promote their different programs which target people who could benefit from a career change. 
Illustration style

One of the big company projects was to define the illustration style. Before I arrived, the illustrations used were mostly stock images and therefore had very different aesthetics. I created this spot illustration starter pack so that we could use it as a guide for the future development of the company. 
Brand core values
The company decided to illustrate its core values in order to share them with the audience. 

Approach with empathy

Keep learning, stay curious
Recognise key contributions

 Unlock potential in others

Inspire the industry

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