Normal coffee + donuts is a boutique Coffee & Donut Shop. They were looking for an illustrator to design a spot. The brief was to create 5 styleframes that feature an African American female to stay true to their mission to represent the diversity of their customer base.

These frames were created in the context of Illustration for Motion Bootcamp by School of Motion. ​​​​​​​

When your day is dragging (Medium body shot, character moping slowly toward a coffee shop.)

And you need a little pick-me-up  (Tight shot of character’s hand grabbing a donut from the pickup counter)

Order it ahead (Full body shot of the character now energized, leaves the shop)

and get back on your feet (the protagonist doing something active with their newfound energy)

lockup (LOGO on bag reveals that the coffee company is called NORMAL Coffee and Donuts)

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