For the past two years, I am member of the creative team and have been dedicated to developing impactful projects at Ecosia. Below are some highlighted works. These projects aim to raise awareness, engage users, and contribute to global reforestation efforts.
Animation of the illustration pack produced by Koto 

One of my projects was to bring the koto illustration pack to life through detailed animation, adding dynamic movement to each element. This process involved creating smooth transitions and engaging visuals to enhance the storytelling experience. The animated illustrations now offer a more immersive and visually appealing way to present information and ideas.
Postcard created for the holiday season

The holiday postcard was designed with vibrant colors and festive imagery to capture the joyous spirit of the season. It aims to spread cheer and connect with recipients on a personal level, making the holidays even more special.
Weather icons redesign

The weather icons were redesigned to be more modern and visually intuitive, enhancing user experience. Each icon was crafted with clean lines and distinctive shapes to ensure clarity and ease of recognition. The updated icons now provide a clearer, more aesthetically pleasing way to convey weather information.

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