Le Noël de Rosetta is an audio tale released by the French publisher Trois Petits Points. I was in charge to create the illustrations.
"Rosetta is the king's daughter. In the kingdom, everything is grey and sad, even Christmas. But it seems that once upon a time, Christmas was a colourful day full of music. Rosetta dreams of experiencing this wonderful holiday. Her good friend Lucien wants to surprise her. To the sound of oboes, Dutch bells, coconuts, rainy sticks, tambourines, English horns, bells, and Irish flute, he starts looking for a tree... Rosetta's Christmas is an ecological Christmas fable. All in music (Saint Saens, Weber, Bizet, but also traditional pieces and original compositions), this tale is built around difference, benevolent listening, discovery, and mutual aid. Each sound picture (narration and music) has a corresponding illustration in the accompanying book."

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